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Drug Dealers and Criminals Using Same Day Couriers

Drug Dealers and Criminals are Using Same Day Courier Service

Drug dealers, criminals and gangs have started using same day couriers to move drugs, illegal items and contraband around the country.  As the delivery company will never open packages that it is carrying, this is now an easy option for the criminals to start using.

How to tell if your same day courier booking is not a scam

First off, you will be able to sense if something is wrong, look for the signs:

  • Caller with-held ID.
  • Caller wants to pay by card over the phone and insists, usually one of the first things they ask is "can i pay for my courier with a card over the phone".
  • Customer refuses to give you an email address.
  • Collection is from a plumbers merchant, electrical supplier or other trade counter.  Usually the goods you are collecting are also paid by a stolen credit or debit card.
  • You have been asked to collect a bag, suitcase or box from a residential address and to deliver to another residential address not far away.
  • The criminals most likely never query the price, they just need the goods collecting and delivering..

If your a same day courier company, what you can do to avoid being scammed criminals

  • Ask for a landline number and call it back.
  • Get their mobile number and call it back.
  • If possible always ask for payment by a trusted provider, such as PayPal, Worldpay, Stripe, Sage etc.  These will be all 3D secure.
  • If any card validation fails, then decline the same day delivery.
  • Don't take payments over the phone.
  • If customer asks to meet your courier in the street, then this is a no.  The criminals have waiting vehicles to take the goods and then never to be found.
  • Call the company you are collecting from, ask them if the customer is regular or if they know them.
The most important rule in avoiding being scammed is:  If you have a gut feeling that something is wrong, then most likely it will go wrong

Educate your staff and tell them of the signs to look out for, if you are a same day courier and have been scammed, tell other couriers.  Write in forums and make our industry safe.

There is also other types of courier fraud, for more information or to report a fraud call the police or visit the Action Fraud.

Left Your Passport at Home

You have forgotten your passport at home

You're at the airport on your way to that meeting or holiday you have been planning and  ready to check in and can't find your passport, you had it at home.  So where is it.

  • You phone home to ask your other half
  • it's still sitting on the dressing table
  • What do you do
You need a same day courier to collect your passport and hopefully they can deliver before your flight departure.

Let the airline know about your situation

This is a common situation and airlines deal with this daily

  • Tell the airline your passport is forgotten at home.
  • Explain that you have arranged a same day courier to collect and deliver to the airport.
  • Find out if you have enough time for delivery of passport before flight departure and gate close.
  • If you have less time, ask to be booked on the next flight out.
  • Make sure you give the same day courier service provider your exact location to deliver your passport.
  • Keep the airline in the loop.


A small check list of important that you need to have before you get in to you taxi on the way to the airport
  • Passport
  • Ticket
  • Bag/luggage
  • Credit/debit cards
  • Driving license
  • Hotel confirmation
  • Cash

Excess Baggage

Excess Baggage Same Day Courier Service

Are you traveling from an airport with too much luggage to take with you in your taxi, train or bus.  Then you need to find a courier and delivery service provider to collect your luggage from your house and deliver it to you at the airport check in.  This will save you a lot of hassle and time, not to mention that you may have needed an extra taxi for your suitcases.

How to find a same day courier to transport your excess luggage

You can find a local courier by making a Google search for "same day courier for excess baggage":

  • Tell the courier your flight details, date and time and agree a price.
  • Let the courier company know how many bags need transporting, so they can send the correct vehicle.
  • If you have oversize items such as skis or sports equipment, make sure you tell the same day courier.
  • Get the same day courier drivers phone number, so you may make contact at the airport.
  • Once your at the airport send the courier your exact location by using a app such as WhatsApp or Waze.
  • Meet the courier outside the airport at the drop off bay, Heathrow Airport will allow drop off time of about 10 minutes and Birmingham Airport has a 5 minute drop off car park.
  • Your now united with your luggage and you can enjoy your travels.
Returning home

When returning home you can also book the same day courier to take your luggage back home.

Halloween Deliveries

Halloween Is Here 

Halloween is now looming on us all, you may be preparing for an event or party that requires goods to be transported to you at a short notice.  Pubs, clubs and hotels are all trying to keep afloat during this covid-19 pandemic.  What can you do to ensure your event goes as planned.

Make sure you make preparations early, but if you miss something and need an urgent collection and delivery, here is what to do:

You can find a local same day courier by making a Google search for "same day courier service":

  • Contact your supplier and ask if they use a same day courier for deliveries, if not you will need to find on your self.
  • Check to see if you have enough stock of consumable products such as DJ smoke or fog liquid for your event.
  • If you need a large item moving, make sure you tell the same day courier.  So they can send the correct size van.
  • Get the same day courier drivers phone number, so you may make further arrangements.
  • Make sure items that have short shelf life are ordered at the last moment, but do ensure enough time to get the goods transported to you.
  • If having fireworks or any other hazardous items delivered, ensure your courier is regulated to carry such items.
  • Your now all set too start your event, party on!
After the event

You may need to return hired equipment or overstock to suppliers, you can do this by calling the same day courier to arrange.

Same Day Courier Service for Halloween Arrangements

Competitors Giving Out Your Phone Number

Competitors Giving Out Your Phone Number

Jealous competitors resort to some shady tricks in business, here are some examples of malice:
  • They will fill in online forms and provide your business details, so that you get calls from companies thinking that you have requested information.
  • Companies can include other competitors, car hire companies, telephone and broadband suppliers.
  • You get calls from companies wanting to sell you something you do not need, but the company calling tells you that you have made the enquiry.
What to do in such an event
  • Ask the company for the IP address log from the enquiry
  • Find out the time and date of the enquiry from the company, they will have a form submission date stamp.
  • Tell the company of such bad activity from the said IP address and have them blocked.
  • Put the IP address into Google, you will find the area the culprit is from,, you can then draw your own conclusions.

What not to do:

Don't sink to that level and do the same, if you suspect you know who the unscrupulous party may be.

Remember that your business must be doing better than them, for them to resort in such low tactics.  They obviously have a lot of time to spare.

Keep calm and carry on businessing.

Pony Express or Pony Sameday Couriers

Pony Express or Pony Sameday Couriers

Pony Express was just too slow:
  • We decided to incorporate the wording 'same day' into our name, as express just become too slow.
  • In the early days of Pony Express, it was suitable.  Express services were fast and same day, but then the overnight parcel carriers took on the word express for next day parcel delivery.
  • Pony Sameday was born to be a superior delivery system than the overnight express parcel carriers.
If you are looking for a same day courier company, make sure they have same day in the name.
  • Having couriers in your name does not specify speed, it just says your items will be delivered.
  • Putting express in the name or service means your item will get delivered quicker than snail mail, usually the next day.
If you need a same day courier company to make your deliveries on the same day, then make sure you choose the correct company and service.

Wolverhampton, Walsall, Willenhall, Birmingham, London, Coventry, Leicester, Bath, Dundee,

Forgotten Items

Forgotten Items

We have all lost or forgot an item on a plane, train, ferry, bus or a tax, you ring around all the locations wher you think your item may be and you get the news you have been waiting to hear.  You item has been found or handed in. Great stuff, but now what shall i do to retreive the item.  You have asked the nice lady at lost and found to post it to you, but they cannot, it is company policy. 

Items that are commonly left behind are; laptops, iphones, mobile phones, ear phones, watches, rings, hand bags, iPads etc.

What you need to do is arrange your own courier, you have tried the express overnight couriers and they will not collect from lost and found.  So what should you do...

It's best you look for a more personalised courier to pick your item up, you need a same day courier company that will:

Pick your item from lost and found.
Deliver direct to you on a same day.

Happy Days
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