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Pony Express Network License Information

Essentially, it is this competitive advantage that has fueled Pony Express’s expansion from one locally serving office in 1999, to offices in Dubai and Abu Dhabi covering all parts of The UAE. Pony Express courier service is available from our ever-expanding offices strategically located in the heart of the UAE and the Capital.  It's a network that is growing and we would love to welcome you on board.   This approach to expanding the brand has meant that Pony Express can expand its reach and offer services to a wider customer base and not just serve locally.  To further improve our business strategy we have decided license out areas nationally.

Want to join the Pony Express Network

Pony Express is currently in the process of expanding operations nationally offering its customers same-day delivery services.  All deliveries would be handled in house from collection to delivery.

Want To be an Entrepreneur

Start your own courier business with Pony Express. It is one of the most demanding, potentially rewarding businesses opportunities available on the market.  With the support from our head office you will be up and running in no-time, with your own exclusive territory.  This option is ideal for a budding entrepreneur who wishes to secure a future in a very lucrative industry and get involved in the future plans of Pony Express.

About Pony Express

Pony Express has been established since the 90’s and has enjoyed a very rapid and aggressive growth over the years. It has been part of the Pony Express' mission statement to exceed year on year, and the company can happily report all targets have been met. Being a leading Courier company in the UAE, customers are benefiting from a cost-effective delivery service without compromise. The key objective of the company has become to never compromise on customer service whilst achieving 100% reliability. To achieve the high standards that the customers require, over the years there has been a gradual introduction and the creation of a highly qualified management team. The team is now built of individuals with years of experience in the industry. Not only was it enough for Pony Express to maintain a highly experienced management team, Pony Express then went through a rigorous recruitment plan to ensure its drivers were also the best available. We had to recognize the drivers as being key members of the company and the link between Pony Express and its customers. Once the team was in place, the company could commit to its expansion program which includes licensing areas and the setup of a network, panning the width and breadth of the UAE, In 2004 Pony Express was recognized for its excellent service and continued customer support with the ISO 9001 accreditation.


Pony Express is a major player in the courier business operating its business from Abu Dhabi and Dubai.  During its growth years Pony Express has managed to cover work from around the UAE, operating from two locations. In recent years Pony Express has streamlined operations and now run all ground operations centrally from Dubai.


The current owners who want to see Pony Express expand nationally and have decided to sell licenses to serious businesses or individuals throughout the UAE, with its current bases in Dubai and Abu Dhabi the two major UAE cities, Pony Express has found that customers recognize and take the Pony Express brand seriously as a major player in the market.


It would be an ideal investment for already established courier companies or individuals who want to enter or expand in the courier industry.  With strong brand awareness and a potential to join a UAE wide network, you will concentrate on creating a stronghold in your area.

Got an existing business in the courier industry?

Use our branding to offer courier services at the same level as our network does. You could enhance your existing business by getting more jobs from the Pony Express network.  This is a great option for already established businesses who want to increase sales and make the most of current overheads. YOU ARE FREE TO CONTUINUE TRADING IN YOUR CURRENT BUSINESS NAME, YOU CAN TRADE IN THE PONY Express NAME ALONGSIDE YOUR EXISTING BUSINESS.

We recommend you charge industry standard rates starting at:


from 5  Dhplm

Min Charge


Small Van

from 5 Dhplm

Min Charge


Transit Van

from 7 Dhplm

Min Charge



from 8 Dhplm

Min Charge


 *Dhplm = Dhiram per loaded mile

The above rates are for guide only, you are free to charge whatever price you like.

You will market and manage your Pony Express business in your selected area, you will be free to conduct your business in any way you see fit, but will not do anything to jeopardize the brand.

Overnight Parcel Delivery Network

The long term plan is for Pony Express to expand operations into the express overnight parcel delivery sector.  Once we have a sound and robust same day network in place, we will then concentrate on building the overnight parcel network this will involve all members and will increase and generate more revenue for your business, enabling you to further expand in your area. 

Overnight deliveries will be taken care of all in-house using a hub and spoke operation, this will allow you to offer to your customers an extremely competitive service.

As the network grows so will the brand and your business, it is why we believe that licensing our brand will involve many likeminded people and is the best way to expand the network for both Pony Express and its Licensees.


Your turnover will depend on the amount of advertising and promotion you carry out for your business.  Major cities like Dubai and Manchester will tend to generate more revenue and turnover compared to smaller cities or towns.  This will be reflected in the end bid price when the listing goes live on auction.

A realistic figure for your turnover in year two would be AED300,000 -AED500,000 this is what we would together work towards increasing by 20%-30% year on year.

Generating and maintaining a turnover will all depend on the License Holder, the more work you put into the business, the busier your area will get.  


Pony Express advertises online to find quality drivers with all credentials needed to become part of our team.  Enquiries from drivers would be forwarded to you via email and you can call potential drivers to arrange interviews, however we do suggest you find and recruit your own local drivers, you can do this by advertising free in Gumtree, Vivastreet, Job centre or any other free media.

What we recommend you should pay drivers:


3  Dhplm

Small Van

3.5 Dhplm

Transit Van

4 Dhplm


5.5 Dhplm

*Dhplm = Dhiram per loaded mile

What’s on offer?

As part of our network you will get exclusive license rights in your area to trade using the Pony Express brand.  You will offer all services currently offered by Pony Express:

  • Services you will offer to your customers:
  • UAE Express - Pony Express can handle all same day delivery needs anywhere in the UAE. From documents to pallets Pony Express has the solution to deliver your items on time and within budget.  This service will be your main core business, collecting and delivering goods on a someday basis nationwide.
  • International Express - Pony Express provides same day delivery across the Globe. Pony Express' Elite service to New York, Hong Kong, New Delhi, and any European City is the quickest and most reliable service you will find with unrivalled tracking and security.  Your courier will take the next flight out to the international destination.
  • UAE Next Day - Before 9am, 10am, Noon and AM or PM deliveries are just some of the delivery options Pony Express offers on its Next day service.  Using major carriers, we have partnered with you can offer these services as extra income generators.
  • International - Pony Express' import and export team can arrange parcel delivery and collection from anywhere at anytime.  You will arrange collections liaising with international freight forwarders in retrieving goods for customers.
  • Air Freight Forwarding - By working with the world’s biggest freight forwarders Pony Express' freight forwarding for international consignments is the most cost effective around.
  • Storage - Pony Express can provide your business secure freight holding and storage on flexible terms.  You will contract and agree terms with local storage facilities, so you can supply storage solutions to businesses or private users.

What we will provide you: 

  1. 0800 Number diverted to your landline (you will be responsible for any charges).
  2. 03 Number diverted to your landline.
  3. Fax Number diverted to your landline.
  4. Your own page on our website.
  5. National advertising done from head office in UK.
  6. Help setting up bank accounts.
  7. Use of our merchant account or set your own up.
  8. Introduction to an accountant.
  9. Your full details on our national website www.ponyExpress.ae
  10. Any jobs done on behalf of Pony Sameday Limited will be paid by us.
  11. You will receive unlimited support from Head Office.
  12. Full rights to trade as Pony Express in your awarded area.
  13. Retain all revenue generated. 
  14. Full rights to sell your license and keep all monies in respect of the sale.
  15. Booking in job log book.
  16. Automatic acceptance into the Overnight/Next day network (no charge). Access to all current and future artwork in digital format.

What you will need to before you can start trading:  

Get call diversion to mobile or other number.

Set-up freight forwarder accounts with major carriers (we will help you with this).

Register for VAT.

Set up a business bank account.

Arrange your own accountant or we can introduce one to you.

Who we are looking for and what you need to do: 

Over the past twenty  years, Pony Express has established a methodology that is challenging the accepted norms of the courier industry. It has achieved this by basing its business model on an ultra-efficient, centralised management system, then building relationships with courier companies around the UAE. Now in a position to further expand, we are looking for candidates or companies with the following attributes:

  1. People who are passionate about business.
  2. People who can build their own area into a successful business.
  3. Confident at sales or leading your sales team.
  4. The area you bid for must be your local and you will know your area well.
  5. People who can and will work in a national network.
  6. People who will support the network, offering advice and support to each other if needed.
  7. People who can quickly set up their area offering Pony Express services.
  8. Advertise your business locally to make it a success.
  9. Manage drivers and in time office staff.
  10. Communicate and keep customers updated with Pony Express services. Invoice your customers directly.

The winning bidders will setup offices in their chosen area; Licensees will advertise for work locally and actively pursue to grow the business.  Pony Express will refer any jobs that come into our central system to you.  This opportunity is a real business venture for the right person or business, we would like to emphasize that this is in no means a get rich quick scheme and your success will depend on how hard you work to make your business grow.  THIS IS YOUR BUSINESS.

license Fee 

The winning bidder will pay Pony Express a license fee starting at AED200+VAT per month for the duration of the license.  The license may be terminated at anytime by you by giving 2 months notice.  Pony Express will only revoke your license in cases of serious misconduct resulting in the brand being tarnished; in such events Pony Express will revoke the license as of immediate effect.  license renewal will be every ten years.  The fee will increase every two years by AED10.00 and at renewal the license fee will be reviewed in line with performance and inflation.

Year One

 AED 1000 + VAT per month on the first day of each month for 12 months.

Year Two

 AED 1000 + VAT per month on the first day of every month for 12 months.

Year Three

 AED 1200 + VAT per month on the first day of each month for 12 months.

Year Four

 AED 1200 + VAT per month on the first day of every month for 12 months.

Year Five

 AED 1200 + VAT per month on the first day of each month for 12 months.

Year Six

 AED 1200 + VAT per month on the first day of each month for 12 months.

Year Seven

 AED 1300 + VAT per month on the first day of every month for 12 months.

Year Eight

 AED 1300 + VAT per month on the first day of each month for 12 months.

Year Nine

 AED 1300 + VAT per month on the first day of every month for 12 months.

Year Ten

 AED 1400 + VAT per month on the first day of each month for 12 months.

As long as you pay your license fee on time you will have secured your area and license up until the renewal date.  As like all businesses you are free to sell your License at any time, you must however send us in writing your intention.

If for whatever reason you fail to pay the license fee for 2 consecutive months, your area will be taken returned into the control of Pony Express and your license will be revoked, no monies will be refunded.

Terms and Conditions

  1. You cannot sell your license without notifying us in writing.  
  2. You must undertake all costs for advertising in your licensed area.
  3. You will not canvas work from an area that is owned by a fellow member of the network. 
  4. You must have your own company bank account.
  5. You will apply for your own VAT number.
  6. You must have a landline to forward the incoming calls.
  7. You must have a mobile phone.
  8. You must have internet connection.
  9. You must have a fax machine or number.
  10. You must have a computer or laptop.
  11. You will use Google Maps, Bing Maps or Apple Maps  to calculate mileages.
  12. You will collect payments for jobs done from your customers.
  13. All accounting and tax obligations will be your own responsibility.
  14. The Licensee will initially pay AED 2000 (2 months license fee) + VAT to enroll on the license business.
  15. In addition to the above general terms and conditions, the License Agreement will form the contract of the License and all terms and conditions of the Agreement will be adhered to.  

For further information:

Call: 0800 288 4052


Pony Sameday  Limited

140 Bridgeman Street



United Kingdom